UJB Academy


 Academy Details

Utah Jam Bands Academy is for those who want the experience and education from our summer camps to extend throughout the year. Now you don't have to wait till the summer to rock out with a band! The academy prepares students to play the music they love on stage with a band.  Students involved in the academy are placed into bands and work with their bandmates to prepare music for the concert at the end of the three month period.  

*Please note that we have a set minimum number of registered students we will need to make the academy program feasible. In the event that not enough students register, we will refund any registration fees and postpone the start of the program. (Think a Kickstarter model.)



Rehearsals take place at the Joy Foundation, 55 North Main Street, in Bountiful, UT. (Below Royal India)

The location of the concert is TBD and will be announced by November


$150 per month

(3 month commitment required)

Payment may be made for all 3 months upfront, or parents may choose to pay the first month's tuition upon registration and be billed for the two following months, with payments due September 4, October 2, and November 13. Late fees will apply to late payments.

Please be sure to read all the information above and on our Academy page before registering.

All rehearsals will occur on the Wednesdays below, from 7:30-9PM with the exception of the last rehearsal, on December 2nd, which will go for an extra half hour to allow for more time to prepare for the concert.

September 2

September 9

September 16

September 23

September 30

October 7

October 21

October 28

November 4

November 11

November 18

December 2

COVID-19 Precautions

  • The academy will be held indoors which makes wearing masks and maintaining distance even more important.  The rooms will be set up to accommodate said distance and masks will be required

  • This goes without saying, but if a student or any of their family members exhibits any symptoms of COVID-19, please don't come to the academy until health can be verified.

  • Masks are mandatory for everybody at all times. We'll have back ups if anybody forgets theirs. We feel this is important, but it is also a condition mandated by our academy location, and non-compliance could jeopardize our ability to use the facility.

  • We'll be sanitizing shared instruments, spaces, and hands at regular intervals. We encourage each child to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on them, as well.

  • We're asking that parents not enter the indoor space with their kids, but rather drop-off and pick-up outside of the building.  The instructors will be there to help them move their equipment

  • We're asking for parents to help prepare their kids mentally for maintaining physical distance during the academy. Keeping kids apart is, to say the least, tricky. The more support we can get in this endeavor, the better. 

  • We are currently looking for a concert space that will provide plenty of space so that the audience can spread out sufficiently.  Depending on how things are at that point we may also limit the number of audience members and do a livestream concert similar to what we did for the summer camp.

Thank you for working with us on this and keeping everyone safe!