This class focuses on the specific information students need to know about each instrument.  Each instructor gives an hour long clinic about what that they feel would be the most useful for the students of their instrument in the camp.  These courses will give the students a better understanding of certain techniques, styles, and rhythms that will improve their performance.  The four clinics (Vocal, Guitar, Drum, Bass)  will all occur during the same hour and students are not required to attend the clinic of their instrument choice.  If a student has an interest in learning a little more about another instrument they can attend another clinic instead.  


Song writing is very important in the development of all musicians.  However, to write a song can be challenging.  Musicians need to understand which chords work with certain melodies, which lyrics work with certain chords, and the importance of structure in a song. This class goes over these topics and gets students started on creating their own music.  


When playing for a live audience the quality of the music is not the only thing

necessary to put on a good show.  The way an artist performs on stage is also

essential to entertain and entice those who are watching.  This course will

instruct the students on how to use proper stage performance to achieve this



Are you wondering about making money in the Music Business? Are you curious about what a manager does for you? Do you know what an agent does for your band?  Our Music Business class will set all musicians on their way to recording an album and getting registered to receive royalties. Not to mention covering your tracks so you don't lose out on your money.  Performing and practicing are important in a musician's development, but knowing how to manage their career is equaly important.  This class is a perfect way to help musicians develop their talents to their full extent.