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There's no substitute for the hours a student spends in a practice room, but personal practice isn't all there is to music (especially rock and popular music), either. Young musicians need to know how to effectively work with other players and singers, how to practice effectively with a group, and how to put on a great show.


As professional musicians themselves, the founders of Utah Jam Bands know that the only way to learn these skills is through experience. Yet there's very little opportunity for young musicians to get that experience. Music programs in schools are great, but academic settings usually don't allow kids to perform the kinds of music they are most interested in or help them to take a leadership role in a band. And live venues are most often geared for much older musicians and audiences.


Utah Jam Bands offers developing musicians the opportunity to learn and perform through a one-week music intensive in an environment that is safe but also creative, collaborative, and (most importantly) fun! When students get to move out of the practice room and onto a stage, they walk away more motivated, more confident and with a much richer understanding of what it means to be a musician.

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