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Utah Jam Bands is dedicated to giving young musicians the valuable experience of performing live for an audience with a band. We believe that the most effective learning happens when personal skills are combined with those of other students and true creativity can be unleashed in a group. 


To foster this type of learning, Utah Jam Bands combines educational master classes with instructor-led group band rehearsals during week-long music intensive camps. Students are encouraged to work on music that speaks to them, and groups are formed with the goal of introducing students with similar musical interests and skill levels to each other. Over the years, we've seen groups of all levels work together to become bands in a variety of genres, from punk to pop, and from country to classic rock.


Whether it's at the week long summer camp or three month long academy, the participants get to put what they have learned and created into action on stage in front of a public audience. Parents are often amazed at the progress they see with their kids. A few times, bands formed during the UJB camps have continued playing together outside of the camp and have gone on to compete in school Battle of the Bands and beyond.



How did this whole thing get started? Twin brothers Richard and Robert Gailey founded Utah Jam Bands in 2012, when they realized that their guitar and drum students could have a whole lot of fun combining what they were learning. That first camp was small --only 15 participants-- but the Gailey brothers found their students learned so much that they had to put the camp on again.

Since its founding, Utah Jam Bands’ annual camp has nearly doubled in size and continues to be a gratifying experience, not only for the students, but for their families and instructors as well.  The program is improving each year by adding a wider range of master classes, instructors, local guest artists, and creating a more unique and exciting live concert experience at the end of the program. 


Don't miss your chance to join a band, improve your skills and perform live. Get involved in this year's camp and sign up now!


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