2017 Summer Camp



Our intensive summer day camps prepare students to play the music they love on stage and with a band in just 5 days!  


During the camp students work as a member of 3-5 bands, giving them the chance to interact with many other students and learn several songs. They will work with their bandmates in instructor- and student-led rehearsals to prepare music for the concert at the end of the week.


In addition to rehearsals, students will participate in jam sessions and attend daily classes, by instructors and guest artists, selected from the best of the Utah music scene.

The final concert is produced on the stage of one of Utah's finest venues, with lights, fog machines, and a full sound system. Students are encouraged invite their friends and family to attend and see the amazing things they've accomplished in less than a week!



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Students of all levels are welcome to participate the Utah Jam Bands camp, but some musical background and training is encouraged for a more positive experience. (Reading music and basic technique is best.) Instructors will place students into groups with those who  are at similar levels. 

  • The camp experience is designed for students between the ages of 6 and 19.

  • Daily classes and rehearsals are held at Viewmont High School. Concerts are held at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center Amphitheater in West Valley.​

  • The camp runs Monday through Friday, from approximately 10:00 am to 3:00 pm daily. The final concert is generally scheduled on Friday evening, after the camp is finished.


  • Personal practice throughout the event is an integral part of making each student's experience successful. For this reason it is preferred that those who join the camp either own or rent an instrument so that they can practice outside of the rehearsals and classes. 



  • We will be following all guidelines given by authorities to ensure the safety of the kids and to prevent the virus from spreading.  Right now these precautions include:​​

    • Students and teachers must wear masks
      • We'll have extra masks for those that forget
    • Students and teachers must maintain 6 feet distance
    • Rooms and shared instruments will be sanitized between rehearsals
    • Students and teachers will sanitize or wash their hands in between each rehearsal
      • We'll have hand sanitizer available in each room​
    • If any student or teacher is feeling sick they are not permitted to attend the camp
    • To limit cross contamination we ask that the parents drop their kids off outside the building without coming in with them.  If they need help bringing stuff in our instructors will be there to assist them
    • Our will be at an outdoor venue to allow for appropriate distancing and may be shifted to a virtual format if needed

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