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Richard Gailey is the owner and drum instructor at Utah Jam Bands.  He's been playing the drums for 15 years and has developed a true passion for the instrument during this time. After his first jazz gig at age 17, Richard decided to dedicate his life to playing and learning the drums. Since then, his live performing experience has covered a diverse assortment of bands and musical styles, and it continues to expand as he regularly plays with a variety of groups in the area for all kinds of events.   Richard also loves to teach and has been maintaining a private studio of over 40 students for the past six years.  Richard holds a Bachelors degree in Jazz Performance from the University of Utah, and had the opportunity to play in many groups there, including the RedHots scholarship jazz combo. He has received recognition for his talent from music organizations such as the Percussive Arts Society.  Along with his brother he created Utah Jam Bands 10 years ago and has loved working with the kids in the program ever since.

Guitarist Devin Moore has had a passion for music and song writing for much of his life.  Raised in a home filled with 70's funk and 80's power ballads, Devin learned early on the joy that music can bring into a home.  Nearing the end of a Business Marketing Degree at the University of Utah, Devin decided to rededicate his life to the joy of music and begin teaching and playing full time.  Devin has played in many groups and genres such as pop, rock, and jazz and has studied both classical and jazz theory at the collegiate level.  

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Alicia Wrigley made her debut performance at the age of two, and has been hooked on the stage ever since. Most in Salt Lake City will recognize Alicia as an upright and electric bassist, playing with groups such as the Alan Michael Band, Dee-Dee Darby Duffin Group, The Mix, Lark and Spur and the Diamond Empire Band. But as she comes into her own as a player and bandleader, Alicia has found that her original instrument -- her voice -- is an integral part of her sound. In addition to her enjoyable and unpredictable work as a sideman (or sidewoman, rather) Alicia leads her own jazz group and fronts the wacky pop cover trio, Radio Retrograde, as a bassist/singer.  Besides playing, Alicia is devoted to her work as a teacher, and maintains a private studio and works as a music instructor at the Waterford School in Sandy. Alicia is also in the process of earning a graduate degree in Jazz Studies at the University of Utah. When she’s not totally wrapped up in song or homework, Alicia can generally be found with her husband and her puppy Tuesday at “the happiest place on earth,” which is, for her, the dog park.

Troy has been a music instructor, performer, composer and engraver for over 23 years. In 1996 he completed a Bachelors of Music in Music Composition and Performance from the University of Utah. Awards for composition include: The Marget Jory Fairbanks award from the American Music Center, 6 time recipient of the ASCAP Plus Award, Composers Guild Contest -first place in two categories. His Music is published by LenMuse Music and Great River Books. As a classical guitarist Troy’s clientele/venue list includes: The Utah Symphony, Mayors’ Rocky Anderson and Peter Coroon, Randal Carlie, The Metropolitan Resturaunt, La Callie Restaurant and Snowbird Lodges. His repertoire includes music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Modern periods. In addition to his work as a composer and guitarist Troy has been a music instructor since 1986, focusing on instruction in classical and jazz guitar and music composition/theory. Troy is also a music engraver and Copyist and has provided services for the University of Utah, Ricklen Nobis, Carlton Vickers and other notable music studios and individuals.


Natalie Foster is a professional Singer and Actress.  She has been seen and heard on stage, television, radio and a few movies.  She has sung as a soloist for the Veterans of Foreign War Conventions in Utah and Texas, Capitol Theatre for Ballet West, Hale Center Theatre, Lagoon entertainment; Signatures 50's Show and Music USA.  She has been a motivational speaker and singer for Especially for Youth in Utah, Virginia, and Alaska.  Natalie has written and performed musical programs with their entertaining family encouraging youth to "Go for their Dreams" for Elementary, Middle, and High School at risk youth.  She has written and recorded two childrens' CDs "I Like Me" and "The Colors in Our World". Natalie took an internship to learn the best vocal technique in the business.  This allows her students to sing all styles of music healthfully, while increasing their range and tonality.  One of her students has been chosen to sign with TransAtlantic Records.



Kellen Tew has played venues ranging from small hole in the wall stages to large-scale music festivals and a packed house at Abravanel Hall. He has collaborated with various singer/songwriters and recorded on a number of studio albums. Kellen has a lot of experience playing solo guitar and as part of a band. In addition to performing he has extensive experience teaching guitar. He received his Bachelors of Music with an emphasis in Guitar Education from Utah State University in 2014. He loves playing all styles of guitar including classical, country, funk, flamenco, punk, rock, metal and anything in between. Kellen is very personable and easy to work with for any age or ability level.



Christian Mayfield is the very first Utah Jam Bands Alumni to become a camp instructor after graduating. He has been playing guitar since he was 10 years old and attended the camp for 5 years straight as a teenager. As a performer, he’s played at all the popular venues in Salt Lake City, like the Complex and the Metro. Christian has also worked with several artists in the studio, being featured on a number of different projects and albums. Additionally, he has been teaching guitar since he was 15 and just released his first full-length studio album with his band, Acacia Ridge. 


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