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Fall 2024



Are you an adult who has seen our kids' concerts and secretly felt a little jealous? Well, our NEW Adult Academy program was created for YOU. 

It's the same methodology as our kids' camps and programs: musicians are split into multiple bands and work with bandmates and our wonderful UJB coaches to get songs performance ready for the pro-level concert we put on at the end of the three month program.

The UJB Adult Academy is perfect for adult music students who want a chance to apply what they're learning, semi-professional musicians looking to hone their skills and meet other music folks, and former UJB Kids' program students who have outgrown our age limit.

*Please note that we have a set minimum number of registered students we will need to make the academy program feasible. In the event that not enough students register, we will refund any registration fees and postpone the start of the program. (Think a Kickstarter model.)



Musicians aged 18+ who play guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, horns or who sing are eligible to sign up for the academy.

We require a beginner-level instrument proficiency, and highly suggest that academy participants are concurrently enrolled in lessons with a private teacher for best results.


$450 ($150 per month)

(3 month commitment required)

Payment may be made for all 3 months upfront, or students may choose to pay the first month's tuition upon registration and be billed for the two following months, with payments due April 5 and May 3. Late fees will apply to late payments. For monthly payment plans, please contact us directly, and we'll get you all set up!


Rehearsals be held at Murphy's Guitars

(133 N Main St, Bountiful, UT 84010)

Rehearsals will run every Thursday evening September 5th through December 12th from 7:30-9 PM with the following exceptions or addendums: 

  • October 10th: A recording session will replace regular rehearsal, and will run longer than normal, 7:30-9:30 PM

  • October 31st: No rehearsal for Halloween

  • November 28th: No rehearsal for Thanksgiving

  • December 12th: Our last rehearsal will be our "dress rehearsal" and will run longer than normal, 7:30-10:00 PM 

The final concert will be Saturday December 14th, 2024 from 7-10 PM.


The location of the concert is TBD and will be announced by Mid-April.

Register Now:

Adut Academy Registration

Register below for a slot on your primary instrument. If you play additional instruments that you'd be interested in also playing as part of the academy, please list them in the registration form you'll fill out after clicking the "Book Now" button.

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