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UJB Camps are the most fun your kids will have ALL SUMMER. In just 5 days, they'll work as a member of 4 different bands to get the songs they love ready for a real-life Rock and Roll show.

The final concert is produced on the stage of one of Utah's finest venues, with lights, fog machines, and a full sound system. Students are encouraged invite their friends and family to attend and see the amazing things they've accomplished in less than a week!





Other FAQ

What does my student need to own for the camp? 

Personal practice makes or breaks a student's experience in UJB camps, so it is required that each student have a working  instrument available for them to practice on prior to and during the camp. Loaner instruments available in some cases. Contact us for details.

What does my student need to bring to the camp? 

Guitarists and bassists will need to bring their own instrument, an instrument cable and a guitar strap to each day of camp. Horn players are responsible for bringing their own instruments and all needed accessories. Drummers must bring their own sticks. Keyboard players and singers just need to bring their music and a good attitude!


Drum sets, amplifiers, keyboards, mics, music stands, guitar stands, sound systems and all other needed equipment is provided by UJB at both rehearsals and performances.

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