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Your inner rock star is waiting.

We can help set it free with:

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2024 Fall Adult Academy

Our first-ever Adult Academy in Fall 2022 was a smash success, so we're bringing all the fun our kids get to have to adults ages 19-99 once again! All the experiences we offer in kids' academy, but with a more mature focus.

2024 Fall Academy

Our 3-month after school program for kids continues! Join us on Wednesday evenings for engaging rehearsals, a recording session in a real professional studio, and a fun concert in December.

Summer Camp 2024 is right around the corner!

The best week your kid will have all summer is all ready to roll out.


Spots so fast, so be ready to sign up QUICK! Registration opens March 2024.

Save the dates:

June 17-21


July 8-12

Professional musicians know that the thrill of performing on stage with a group of bandmates is what makes the hours of personal practice worth it. 


Utah Jam Bands provides musicians with bandmates, coaching, and a stage. Our students go far because they know it's worth it!


But too often, music learners never make get a chance to experience this motivating part of music. They give up before they can ever really get inspired.


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that motivate all year long

What we offer:

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